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Photocopies of the J-1's Form DS; most recent admission stamp in the passport and printout of the electronic I admission record OR photocopies of paper Form I front and backif applicable; J-1 entry visa stamp; and passport gambling addiction thesis page s. It does not constitute legal advice. This employment authorization allows the J-2 dependent to work for any employer for any number of hours as long as the employment authorization document EAD is valid and as long as J-2 status is maintained. Print your name and I number on the back of both photos.


We recommend that you include the last 4 digits to the end of your zip code to help with mail delivery of the EAD card.

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Proof that your earnings are not necessary for the J-1 Exchange Visitor's support. The money earned by a J-2 spouse may be for J-2 travel, recreational, or cultural activities.

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J-1 immigration documents and admission record: Helpful Links. Check the U. Department of Homeland Security.

ISchO: International Scholars: Work Permission for J-2 Dependents The Bechtel International Center is proud to be part of Student Affairswhich educates students to make meaningful contributions as citizens of a complex world.

We recommend problem solving tasks year 4 you mail your application by certified mail with a return receipt or by courier service e. Cover letter from the J-2 dependent requesting work permission Financial statement showing funds for the entire family's expenses Form I [Reason for eligibility: Do not submit this form electronically.

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Enter the eleven-digit serial number from your electronic I record or paper I card. Two identical color passport photographs, full face frontal view measuring 2" by 2. A check or money order for fee as noted in I form instructions made payable to the U.

A photocopy of your own DS Make a photocopy of the complete application for your own records. I will use this income for purposes of cultural enrichment and recreation.

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Mail to: Send the application via U. Application Process Step 1: Please make a copy of your application before mailing it. Benefits of J-2 Dependent Status Travel J-2 dependents can travel freely in and out of the United States while the J-1 scholar remains active in their Georgetown program. Sample Letter and Financial Statement The following sample letter is provided only to serve as a guidance.

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Question 8: A photocopy of the front and back of your present EAD card, if you are applying for an extension. J-2 Cover Letter The J-2 visa holder should write a cover letter for the employment's authorization application.

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You are encouraged to submit a budget and funding sources to assure the adjudicating officer that the income you may earn will not support either you or the J-1 visa holder. Photocopy of your J-2 DS Form Failure mode phd thesis The letter should be truthful and reflect the J-2's specific situation. J2 ead renewal cover letter to indicate in failure mode phd thesis 16 C 5 as the reson for cyber security thesis.

Question Answer all questions fully and accurately.

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J-2 admission record: Make sure to mark one of the boxes where it asks, "I am applying for If you have a number, provide it if you know it. Photocopy of your marriage certificate. Advanced higher english dissertation format dependents are eligible to apply for work j2 ead renewal cover letter if the following requirements are met: This information is available on your I card.

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  3. Enter the eleven-digit serial number from your electronic I record or paper I card.
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Enter your address in the Chicago area. If you entered the U. J-2 immigration documents: Mail the application and all supporting documents to: These pictures are the passport style photos in color.

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